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Train EEG and Prefrontal HEG for maximum effect. nIR HEG combined with EEG in a complete trainer's package. This package includes the LIFE game for HEG and BxShadow.


Signature Combo Package – Professionals

With the Signature Combo Package for professionals you can complete recording in 25 minutes from when the client sits down in the chair, remove artifacts, and load assessment views in 3 more minutes and get a training plan that works the whole brain–customized to each client–in just two more.

Our brain-trainer Signature Combo Package lets you prepare the client, record the data, process it and have your training plan in 30 minutes—with the click of a few software buttons. The Signature Package uses one amplifier and one piece of software to do assessment. The professional system gathers your assessment, processes the data, gives you a report and tells you exactly where and what to train. Then it runs multi-modality training sessions with superb feedback. At every step it guides your choices, and at every step it gives you the option to make your own decisions.

Our software trains synchrony, symmetry, activation, open and closed focus and deep states with a range of feedback options and push-button ease in managing the training session, so you can focus on the client, not the computer. Sophisticated training protocols, great feedback options and push-button ease of use give us a convenient, powerful, client-focused system.

The Signature Combo Package for self trainers does not have the TQ7 and includes Placing Electrodes video and Whole-Brain Training Plan Service.

    Clinical Therapist Pro Kit

    SKU: 0010
    • The Signature Combo Package for professionals includes:

      • Q-wiz
      • 1-cap Electro-Cap package
      • nIR HEG headband
      • Snap-in starter kit 4C
      • BioExplorer QuickStart Package
      • TQ7
      • LIFE Game
      • BxShadow
      • Lesson I Finding Sites Video
      • 4 hrs online mentoring
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