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Most affordable Brain Training with Neurofeedback in town, less than $40 per session (if train daily)

This really easy to use Basic Training Program includes:

  • One (01) Headband EEG Reader device
  • One (01) External Electrode with Paste
  • One (01) MyndLyft App one-month subscription
  • Unlimited sessions per month.
  • These following services are NOT offered by similar Internet offers:
  • Weekly guidance and monitoring sessions and protocols by an expert .
  • Weekly Tracking System of desired goals &/or symptoms. (Track your Progress)


The headband device is a portable, highly integrated device for peak performance training of the brainusing Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) technology. It is intended for personal use by adults and youth. It supports fuller use of the brain's potential in your work and your private life. It also enables the user to considerably raise immunity to stress and to attenuate the consequences of stress. The product takes advantage of advanced technology of digital processing of the brain electrical activity (EEG). With several distinctive functions and many features even  unavailable in those more expensive equipments, this portable device defines a new advantage in price relation for home training.

Basic Home Training | Sport | Office | School

SKU: 0006
  • This equipment can be lease or buy at the end of a short lease (2 months minimum) . Work under monthly subscription basis.

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